Polariton Culture

We are an international, multilingual and multidisciplinary group. Our diversity unites us into an innovative and strong team.

Polariton culture

  • Teamwork and Collaboration

    We live by this principle and offer our customers and teammates all our help and advice. This bridge is key to Polariton because we grow with our customers and to us their success is also ours, in a way we form a team that is bonded through the product we make. Read more.

  • We communicate Clearly and Effectively

    We make sure we are being understood and we try to minimize misunderstandings by practicing clarity, kindness, and real conversations. This is especially important for Polariton since we have a multinational team and customers all around the world. Read more.

  • We are curious by nature

    We are curious and interested, so we pride ourselves in our continuous learning philosophy, every aspect of our work shows that we love to discover and investigate. Read more.


    Meet Mi-Sung Jang

    Mi-Sung Jang is one of our Master Students at Polariton. She is from Berlin and currently working as an intern for in our Design team. She brings her good mood, work ethics and energy with her to Polariton. She loves to be outside and do hands and crafts.

    On this podcast edition we talk abour her career, how she is fitting in Polariton and her motivation.

    We listen

    Säumerstrasse 4
    c/o ETH Zürich
    8803 Rüschlikon


    We are revolutionizing our future communication network and contributing to the world through research, scientific accuracy and our very own set of values that we do not compromise.


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