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Explore the applications for advanced photonic integrated circuits in communications, test & measurement and quantum. While standard products are ideal for fast prototypes and proof of concepts, commercial products will prefer a custom device. For this purpose Polariton covers the integration value chain, from the design and simulation, fabrication, testing, packaging, sales and support.

  • Communications –

    the transmission of information in the form of 0s and 1s modulated in multiple user-determined formats. Key aspects are modulation speed and signal to noise ratio – find out more.

  • Test & Measurement –

    the transmission of signal, where the information of interest is encoded in the analog between a 0 and a 1, where limitless combinations are possible in time and frequency domain – find out more.

  • Quantum –

    the transmission of pulses to manipulate the quantum state of ions, atoms, quantum dots and more, where high-extinction ratio makes the difference – find out more.