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Polariton Technologies is a start-up coming out of ETH Zurich developing cutting-edge devices for optical applications. We are satisfying the advanced requirements of researchers and engineers in leading institutions from all over the world. Join Polariton to become part our exciting journey to develop, produce and market the next generation of integrated, high-end photonic circuits.

You have the chance to join a diverse, dynamic and talented team.

Preksha _ R&D Process Engineer

“Every day is different at Polariton. Here, I get the opportunity to grow and learn with the company and see the immediate impact of my work.

What I like the most about Polariton is to be part of a team which is full of creative, driven, and kind people.

Seeing what we can achieve and how far we have come by working together and helping each other every day, excites me.”

“It has been a pleasure to be a part of Polariton’s evolution and growth.

Working on cutting edge technology with amazing people is a privilege that I have been experiencing since 2020 as a PIC engineer.

I love that even though our products are high-tech, to work on them is very tangible and real: It is fascinating to see how a chip design goes all the way to an actual product, from creating the nanometer sized structures to a complete module.”

Chris _ PIC engineer