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About Us

First products launched

Polariton introduces one packaged product module and three products at chip level. Datasheets are published and available for download. At Photonics West and OFC the company also introduces the Polariton PDK. At ECOC Polariton presents major improvement in long term reliability. Customers start to place orders with standard lead times. The team remains dedicated to its core values of teamwork, communication, and curiosity, driving the company’s ongoing success. The recent recognition from the Swiss Accelerator program (Innosuisse) and the participation of the Flexscale EU project adds another milestone to Polariton’s journey, solidifying its position as a leader in innovative photonics technology.

Satisfying a market demand

2022: Paying customers help clarifying the business model. Polariton signs cooperation and partnership agreements. The market demands products and services from Polariton. The company staff grows by nearly 100%. At ECOC the company can refer to powerful papers published by customers. Product reliability becomes the focus of the R&D.

Funding and publications

2021: Polariton successfully completes its first round of funding with the help of a strategic investor, allowing the company to expand its operations and secure a long-term development. The stream of high-impact publication continues.


2020: Technical breakthroughs permit to harden the specifications and the performance of the products. Notable publications ensure that plasmonics is here to be a game changer. Customers demonstrate interest.

Ready, set, go!

2019: Polariton is founded as a spin-off of ETH Zurich, from the group of Prof. Leuthold, being the first company in the world commercializing plasmonics for electro-optical products.