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C Band 145 GHz IQ Modulator


Dive into Polariton’s coherent modulation products for high bandwidth and symbol rate above 180 GBaud simplifying your transceiver design and reducing its power dissipation.

Key Features

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    3-dB electro-optic bandwidth >145 GHz

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    Lumped, low-capacitance RF design

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    Chip dimensions 1.5 mm x 2 mm

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    C-band operation

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    Single-ended (SD) or differential-drive (DD) geometry


The plasmonic differential-drive IQ (in-phase and quadrature) electro-optic modulator (EOM) is the choice for high-speed coherent electro-optic conversion in the C band. Featuring a bandwidth beyond 145 GHz, it supports applications by modulating IQ symbols, hence outputting an amplitude and phase modulation.

Driving the chip with the signal and with its inverted version (differential-drive) will provide the best modulation efficiency, specifically since most drivers provide the inverted version of the signal from the start.

Delivered as a chip or semi-packaged chip, this product can be tailored to your needs.

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Variant Selector

EO bandwidthOptical bandIQ variantOrdering code
145 GHzC banddifferential driveIQM-C145-cw

Performance Data

Peak wavelength1550 nm1550 nm
Insertion loss (IL)<17 dB<17 dB
Static extinction ratio (ER)>25 dB>25 dB
DC bias on/off voltage<1.5 V<1.5 V
3-dB EO bandwidth>145 GHz>110 GHz
Vп, eq @ 100 kHz, @ 50 Ohm*<5 V<5 V

Maximum Ratings

Optical input power**6 dBm6 dBm
RF input power @ 50 Ohm18 dBm18 dBm
DC voltage at RF input0 V0 V
DC bias voltage
DC bias current
15 mA
15 mA
Operating / storage temperature~25°C~25°C

* Plasmonic modulators are high impedance devices. Twice the voltage provided by a 50 Ohm signal source will drop across the plasmonic modulator. Using a DC source or a high impedance matched driver, double the voltage is required to switch the modulator from the on to the off state.
**Operation time of 8000 h at 20°C with a Vπ degradation < 2.5%.

Mechanical and Optical Specifications

Optical input and outputGrating coupler (GC), 127 um pitch Grating coupler (GC), 127 um pitch
Center wavelength at GC angle1550 nm at 8°1550 nm at 8°
Optical source neededPeak WL laser sourceTunable laser source, peak ± 10 nm range
Electrical RF interfaceG-S-G, 70 – 215 μm pitchS-S̄, 170 – 400 μm pitch
Electrical DC interface+-/ +-/ +-, 150 μm pitch+-/ +-/ +-, 150 μm pitch