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Mach-Zehnder Modulator 110 GHz


This Mach-Zehnder architecture electro-optic modulator (EOM, EO modulator) is a key component for your analog or digital data transmission application and comes in an advanced RF package. Consider this for your product prototype and for small series products.

Key Features

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    3-dB electro-optic bandwidth >110 GHz

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    C-band operation

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    Lumped, low-capacitance RF design

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    Compact form factor


This plasmonic Mach-Zehnder Modulator is an ideal component for high-speed electro-optic modulation (EOM) in the C band. With its module packaging and impressive bandwidth exceeding 110 GHz, this device stands out as the top pick for various applications, including measurement systems, analog and digital data transmissions, and quantum technologies.

The packaged version of our modulator offers a 1 mm female RF connector (single ended) and 2 pins for the adjustment of the operation point by means of a DC bias.

By choosing Polariton, you buy into the most advanced technology platform based on organic non-linear materials that will boost your application to the next level.

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Performance Data

Operating wavelength 

1520 – 1570 nm

Insertion loss (IL)

<18 dB

Static extinction ratio (ER)​

>25 dB

DC bias on/off voltage​

<1.5 V

3-dB EO bandwidth

>110 GHz

Vп,eq @100 kHz​ @50 Ohm*

<5 V

Maximum Ratings

Optical input power**

0 dBm

RF input power @50 Ohm

18 dBm

DC voltage at RF input

0 V

DC bias voltage / current

2.5 V / 20 mA

Operating / storage temperature​

~25 °C

* Plasmonic modulators are high impedance devices. Twice the voltage provided by a 50 Ohm signal source will drop across the plasmonic modulator. Using a DC source or a high impedance matched driver, double the voltage is required to switch the modulator from the on to the off state.

** Operation time of 8000 h with a Vπ degradation < 2.5%.

Mechanical Specifications

Optical input

SMF/PM with FC/APC connector

Optical output​

SMF/PM with FC/APC connector

Electrical RF interface​

Single ended, 1 mm female

DC interface​

2 x DC pins