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Mach-Zehnder Modulator 110 GHz


Go beyond known limits and achieve new milestones by adopting the fastest commercial electro-optic modulator (EOM, EO modulator) in the world. Specified at 110 GHz EO bandwidth, but proven to work above 500 GHz, this chip can be easily integrated into many applications.

Key Features

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    3-dB electro-optic bandwidth >110 GHz

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    C-band operation

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    Lumped, low-capacitance RF design

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    Chip dimensions 1.5 mm x 2 mm


The plasmonic Mach-Zehnder Modulator (MZM) featuring a bandwidth beyond 110 GHz makes it a first choice for applications in measurement systems, radio-over-fiber (RoF) and for high-data-rate optical transmission. Polariton offers the product in two variants: balanced and imbalanced.

The optical spectrum of the balanced MZM has a gaussian shape around the central coupling wavelength of its grating couplers. This allows operation in a 3-dB optical bandwidth of around 60 nm. To set the operating point, the balanced MZM contains thermo-optic phase-shifter, which shifts the whole spectrum in the y-axis.

The imbalanced MZM has a resonant spectrum with peaks and extinctions. This allows for a change of the operating point by tuning the wavelength of the laser source, making an additional voltage unnecessary.

Delivered as a chip or semi-packaged chip, this product can be tailored to your needs.

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Performance Data

Insertion loss (IL) imbalanced

<17 dB

Insertion loss (IL) balanced

<18 dB

Operating wavelength balanced

1520 151570 nm

Static extinction ratio (ER)​

>25 dB

DC bias on/off voltage​

<1.5 V

3-dB EO bandwidth

>110 GHz

Vп, eq @ 100 kHz​ @ 50 Ohm*

<5 V

Maximum Ratings

Optical input power**

0 dBm / 3 dBm

RF input power @50 Ohm

18 dBm

DC voltage at RF input

0 V

DC bias voltage / current

2.5 V / 20 mA

Operating / storage temperature​

~25 °C

* Plasmonic modulators are high impedance devices. Twice the voltage provided by a 50 Ohm signal source will drop across the plasmonic modulator. Using a DC source or a high impedance matched driver, double the voltage is required to switch the modulator from the on to the off state.
**Operation time of 8000 h with a V π degradation < 2.5%.

Mechanical and Optical Specifications​

Optical input and output

Grating coupler (GC), 127 µm pitch

Center wavelength wavelength at GC angle

1550 nm at 8°

Electrical RF interface​

G-S-G, 60-200 µm pitch (balanced), 50-110 µm pitch (imbalanced)

Electrical DC interface​

+/-, 30-230 µm pitch (balanced), 70-190 µm pitch (imbalanced)

Optical source for operation of imbalanced MZM

Tunable laser, 1550 nm ± 10 nm range