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Polariton Technologies is on a mission to revolutionize the future of telecommunications by accelerating information transport and reducing its power consumption. Polariton is providing the world’s fastest, most compact, and energyefficient electro-optic devices with applications in telecommunications, datacenters, wireless communications (5G/6G), space, and sensing. Founded in 2019, Polariton is a spin-off of ETH Zurich, taking pride in teamwork, clear and effective communication, and curiosity.


We are revolutionizing our future communication network and contributing to the world through research, scientific accuracy and our very own set of values that we do not compromise.

We do this by:

  • Working with top notch professionals, in a collaborative environment with a positive failure culture.

  • Developing honest and truthful communication with the general public, our employees and board members

  • Constantly improving and innovating our products that help break the interconnect bottleneck.

Who we are

Polariton designs and manufactures the world’s fastest and smallest electro-optic modulators, thus creating a solution that overcomes the interconnect bottleneck. Our main competencies lie in plasmonics, nanotechnology and optical communications. Polariton was founded in 2019 as a spin-off of ETH Zurich
Teamwork and Collaboration Polariton Value

Teamwork and Collaboration

We live by this principle and offer our customers and teammates all our help and advice. This bridge is key to Polariton because we grow with our customers and to us their success is also ours, in a way we form a team that is bonded through the product we make. 

We understand the others’ perspective and try to wear their shoes because empathy is important for us. So, we prioritize the mental and physical wellbeing of our colleagues. Sometimes all you want to hear is “I am here for you” and therefore we always have an open ear for the big and the small issues. 

Also, we see the hidden truth requires views from all perspectives that make us better and stronger. That is why our communication is driven by the appreciation we have for all our colleagues and customers.

We communicate Clearly and Effectively

We make sure we are being understood and we try to minimize misunderstandings by practicing clarity, kindness, and real conversations. This is especially important for Polariton since we have a multinational team and customers all around the world. The way we live by this principle is to encourage everyone, customers, and team members alike, to ask questions and with this improve understanding. We make use of our pragmatic abilities to clarify something difficult in easy terms.

The promises we make are based on our experience, and we stand by them.

We communicate Clearly and Effectively Polariton Values
We are curious by nature Polariton Values

We are curious by nature

We are curious and interested, so we pride ourselves in our continuous learning philosophy, every aspect of our work shows that we love to discover and investigate. 

Through continuous learning, we improve our skills. Our positive failure culture allows us to understand that nothing is free from mistakes, however those same mistakes let us deepen our knowledge, so we welcome them with open arms. Without judging outcomes as good or bad, we continuously ask ourselves: “What did we set out to do, what happened, what do we learn, and how can we improve?”

We continuously self-innovate the company and with this our products. We align ourselves with the customers’ ideas, dreams, questions, and possibilities and together create a team capable of everything. 

Polariton Culture

We are an international, multilingual and multidisciplinary group. Our diversity unites us into an innovative and strong team.

Latest Jobs

We are always looking for talents. If you are interested in our project please click on Job Offers!

We listen

Polariton Technologies AG
c/o ETH Zürich
Postfach 9000
8803 Rüschlikon


We are revolutionizing our future communication network and contributing to the world through research, scientific accuracy and our very own set of values that we do not compromise.

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