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Polariton PDK

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What matters to you? Let us know about the specifics of your application. What makes the difference for you?
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    Fast cycle time (4 months for silicon photonics and 6 months including plasmonics)
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    O Band (1310 nm) and C Band (1550 nm) building blocks
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    Choice of electro-optic modulator architectures at 110 to 145 GHz EO bandwidth (Mach-Zehnder, ring modulators, IQ modulators)
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    Building block density: place more components onto the same real estate while securing EO bandwidth and low-power dissipation.

How to bring your idea onto our PIC

At Polariton, we offer a reliable silicon photonics and plasmonics prototyping line that’s open to 3rd parties for collaborations and dedicated wafers. Our services are designed to cater to the needs of research institutes, material manufacturers, and industrial partners who seek to take advantage of our unique capabilities and attractive turn-around cycles.

Our proven and scalable silicon photonics technology means that we can help you get your products to the market faster. With plasmonics, we can also provide you more advanced electro-optical circuits, giving you a significant edge over your competition. Moreover, you’ll be able to fit more circuits on the same silicon real estate, ensuring that your products are future-proof.

We understand that the market demands next-generation low-power photonic circuits, and we’re here to help you meet that demand. With our cutting-edge technology and expertise, you can rest assured that you’ll be ahead of the curve.

Designers can choose from a list of building blocks offered by Polariton and connect them by optical routing using silicon photonics waveguides. The building blocks are versatile and suitable for various applications.

Below, we explain how we support you.

Scheduled Tapeouts

Never miss a deadline, profit from our scheduled runs.

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    Silicon photonics run: August, October 2024
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    Silicon photonics and plasmonics run: June, September, December 2024

Process Time

Polariton offers among the shortest process time in the photonics industry. Optimized for short time-to-market, we offer the following.

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    Tapeout to silicon photonics concluded: 4 months

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    Tapeout to plasmonics concluded: 6 months

Ready to integrate your application?

We care about your personal data and comply to data protection regulations. What we do with your data is explained in our Privacy Policy.

PIC Realization Project

The Polariton way follows proven engineering methodologies and criteria including requirements engineering, captured in Jira, a state-of-the-art project management tool and available to the customer and is followed by a feasibility study that looks into project, product, processes and people. By confirming the commercial viability, we reach MS0 which is the moment for you to reach your make-vs-buy decision.

Your choice for Polariton leads into the implementation and realization of your PIC, where our skilled photonic designers will design and simulate in order to de-risk the project and reach MS1. Our prototyping line, testing facilities and packaging center will insure you can access wafers, chips, known good dies and packaged devices that perform accordingn to the simulations and specifications.
PIC Realization Project

From Units to Volume

No matter whether you are looking for your hero device, small prototype runs or face scale in your photonics application. Every success story starts with a vision, the application, the requirements and the fabrication. Since Polariton’s platform of choice is silicon photonics, we can build on dozens of scaling partners in Europe and worldwide. Volumes will be there because you plan for it, together with our trusted foundries.

Markets Generate the Demand

  • Datacom
  • Wireless
  • T&M
  • Sensing
  • Quantum
  • Increasing complexity
  • Speed
  • Power budgeting
  • Miniaturization
Photonic Integration
  • Design & Simulation
  • New/better building blocks
  • Tools & Photonic Services
Fabrication Partners

Fabrication PartnersFabrication Partners


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