Norbert Meier

Norbert joined Polariton Technologies in October 2020 as a R&D Process Engineer. He designs and investigates nanoscale processes for silicon photonic and plasmonic structures to develop high-performance electro-optic plasmonic modulator modules.


He received his M.Sc. in Micro- and Nanotechnology as a joint degree from Empa, a Swiss federal research institute within the ETH Domain and the Universities of Applied Science in Vorarlberg (FHV), Buchs (NTB), and Winterthur (ZHAW). He further holds a Dipl. Ing. FH in “Datenanalyse und Prozessdesign” from ZHAW.


Prior to Polariton, Norbert worked for the Nonlinear Optics Group at the ETH Zürich, at Heptagon Oy in Rüschlikon and at the IBM Research Laboratory in Rüschlikon, Switzerland. At IBM Research – Zurich, he passed most of his professional career and was for more than 14 years a member of the Photonics and Neuromorphic Devices and Systems Group. He was involved in many different projects with focus on optic lenses and diffractive optical elements, polymer optical interconnects, silicon photonics and artificial intelligence (AI) hardware accelerator.

In his spare time, Norbert loves to spend time with his family, enjoys taking a tour on his road bike or meeting with his old hockey colleagues on the ice for a game till “sudden death”.