Product Highlights




Energy Consumption

Market Volume


Product Highlights


0.01 mm

>500 GHz

10 fJ/bit

Very high volume

First products 2021

Lithium Niobate

100 mm

35 GHz

1000 fJ/bit

Low volume

In operation for > 20 years

Silicon Photonics

5 mm

40 GHz

100 fJ/bit

High volume

First products emerging

Our differentiation is smaller dimensions, higher speed and lower power consumption.

500 times smaller
10 times faster
10 times less energy
Small Dimensions

Small Dimensions

The plasmonic modulator technology offers dense integration with sizes of a few 10s µm. This overcomes the size mismatch between small-scale electronics and large-scale photonics.


  • On-chip device sizes of a few 10s of µm; package sizes of 20 mm x 10 mm.

  • Minimize RF losses and attach directly to RF source.

Large Bandwidth

Large Bandwidth

Due to small RC time constants plasmonic modulators offer a unique electro-optic bandwidth >500 GHz.


  • On-chip bandwidth of up to 500 GHz; packaged 3 dB electro-optic BW >110 GHz.

  • Digital modulation >112 GBd.

  • Narrowband millimeter wave signals between 0-500 GHz.

  • Designed for C-band operation at 1550 nm.

Low Power Use

Low Power Use

The power consumption in fiber-optic communication networks strongly depends on the system design that requires new and highly efficient components. The high bandwidth of plasmonic modulators minimizes the need of power-hungry DSP and FEC needs on a system level.

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We are revolutionizing our future communication network and contributing to the world through research, scientific accuracy and our very own set of values that we do not compromise.

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