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What is the maximum optical input power?

This depends on the application and can go as high as 10 dBm. For specific requirements contact us.

What is the bandwidth limitation of your products?

Our packaged Mach-Zender Modulators offer a 3-dB bandwidth of over 110 GHz. Our chip level modulators have shown a record high 3-dB frequency response up to 500 GHz.

What fiber-to-fiber losses can be expected?

Depending on what application you are aiming for, the fiber-to-fiber losses are in the range between 11 dB and 18 dB. Should you require lower insertion losses, our development team is happy to tailor a solution for you.

How much of the fiber-to-fiber losses comes from the plasmonic propagation losses?

The plasmonic propagation losses make up slightly more than half of the total losses.

What technology enables your improved performance?

Our modulators are based on the plasmonic-organic-hybrid (POH) platform. This combines plasmonic wave guiding with organic second-order nonlinear optical (NLO) materials. In plasmonics, light is guided as a surface plasmon polariton (SPP) at metal-insulator interfaces. This enables light confinement well below the diffraction limit, which results in an enhanced light-matter interaction.

What advantage is your product offering compared to established technologies?

The POH platform combines advantages from organic NLO materials and plasmonic slot waveguides. This means, our modulators offer linear phase modulation, ultrafast speed, high nonlinearities, subdiffraction confinement of light, enhanced light-matter interaction leading to voltage-length products one order of magnitude smaller than photonics, small RC time constants, and reduced plasmonic losses.

Where are your modulators fabricated?

Our modulators are designed, fabricated, assembled and tested in Switzerland.

What palette of products do you offer?

On module level, we offer a packaged MZM. On chip level, or pigtailed, we offer a large palette of modulator types: Phase modulators, un-/balanced MZM and IQ modulators. Feel free to contact us for specific ideas.

How much does one Polariton MZM module cost?

As we tailor very specific products to your demand, there is no fixed price. Our sales team is always happy to discuss your needs and give you more details.

Do you offer accompanying services?

We do offer on-site support service. We are also available for demonstrations. Furthermore, our team of experienced experts in optical communication offers their help on a consulting level.

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