Polariton Technologies’ electro-optic modulators rely on plasmonics rather than photonics. Based on scientific breakthroughs at ETH Zurich, these plasmonic modulators demonstrated to be more than 10-times faster than current photonic modulators (500 GHz world record in the lab).

At the same time, the modulators are 100-times more compact, more energy-efficient, and cheaper in production. These features are enabled by Polariton Technologies’ plasmonics modulator technology.

The plasmonics modulator technology has been developed for more than 6 years at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. Key to our technology is the coupling of light with electrons at a metal surface. Light is coupled to the metal surface as Surface Plasmon Polaritons (SPPs). This way we are able to confine light below the diffraction limit. In our electro-optic modulators, these strongly confined SPPs interact with an electro-optic material. Here, the properties of the SPPs are efficiently modulated. The tight confinement enables our modulators to efficiently modulate light on a most-compact footprint and at highest speeds.


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