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We are happy to welcome our newest team member Nicholas Güsken, reinforcing our R&D team. Nicholas holds a PhD in Physics with a focus on Nanophotonics, Plasmonics and Optoelectronics  from Imperial College London.  At Polariton, Nicholas is involved in the R&D chip-development and bringing a viable product to the market.

We are happy to welcome our newest team member Norbert Meier reinforcing our fabrication team. Norbert brings in more than 15 years of experience in micro- and nanofabrication, with a strong focus on integrated optical elements and waveguide structures.

We are happy to welcome our newest team member Nino Del Medico, reinforcing our testing team. Nino joined Polariton after receiving his Master of Science from the department of mechanical and process engineering at ETH Zurich, with the main focus on thermodynamical and optical material properties in micro-and nanotechnology.

Venture Kick awards  Polariton Technologies Ltd. pre-seed funding to support innovations that will accelerate global communication.

Polariton Technologies is now supported by the European Innovation Council (EIC) SME Instrument Phase 1.

Key elements of our communication infrastructure are electro-optic modulators that encode electrical signals onto light. The ETH spin-off Polariton Technologies has developed a ground-breaking new modulator technology that outperforms conventional devices.

The two Swiss startups are gaining speed as they aim to accelerate communication infrastructure and gene-editing techniques. Both convinced juries to earn their 2nd ‘kick’ from Venture Kick, and 40,000 Swiss francs pre-seed funding.

While light waves sent through optical fibers support fast data transmission, the “last mile,” from the fiber optic cable to the internet socket in your home, can be the most challenging and expensive leg of the journey. In the future a new light modulator developed by researchers at ETH Zürich, with support from the University of Washington, could cover the “last mile” where data must travel efficiently and at a low cost.