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Management Team

Benedikt Bauerle

Benedikt Baeuerle

Benedikt Baeuerle is co-founder and co-CTO at Polariton Technologies. His responsibilities include leading project development and fostering cross-functional collaboration between R&D and commercial teams, with a keen focus on aligning product management with customer needs. Driven by an unwavering passion for translating cutting-edge technology into market-ready products, Benedikt exemplifies his dedication to bridging the gap between innovation and commercialization. Benedikt’s journey into the world of technology commenced during his doctoral studies at ETH Zurich, where he developed novel DSP algorithms for optical communications. His robust academic foundation serves as a cornerstone for his impactful work at Polariton Technologies. With over a decade of experience, Benedikt has honed his expertise in testing, packaging, and applying Photonics Integrated Circuits (PICs) and plasmonic modulators, further enhancing the company’s reputation for pioneering solutions. His comprehensive approach, encompassing research, development, and commercialization, solidifies his position as a driving force behind Polariton Technologies’ enduring success.

Claudia Hoessbacher

Claudia is co-founder and CEO of Polariton Technologies. With a passion for light that has accompanied her since her early years, her fascination with this field intensified during her studies of Electrical Engineering at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany, and only grew stronger during her Master’s program in “Optics and Photonics.” Driven by her interest in the interaction of light with the smallest structures, Claudia delved into research in integrated photonics, plasmonics, and electro-optics during her PhD at ETH Zurich.

The desire to see her research projects come to life led her to co-found Polariton in 2019. Whether it’s experimenting in a laboratory or in the company with cutting-edge technology, she believe that innovation is born from curiosity and the willingness to learn by stepping outside the comfort zone. As CEO, Claudia has led Polariton to develop the world’s fastest and smallest photonic integrated circuits.

Outside the office, Claudia loves dancing and being outdoors. She enjoys biking, hiking, camping and baking bread from scratch, immersing herself in nature.

Claudia Hoessbacher
Wolfgang Heni

Wolfgang Heni

Wolfgang is co-founder and co-CTO of Polariton Technologies. Wolfgang’s expertise and experience in developing nanotechnology products for optical communication make him invaluable asset. With more that 10 years in the field, he is in charge of leading the Engineering team and is involved in many operational processes. During his PhD at ETH Zurich, Wolfgang developed high-speed plasmonics electro-optic modulators, which is directly applicable to Polariton’s focus on creating innovative products for optical communication. His work has been recognized with the prestigious BRIDGE Proof-of-Concept fellowship, which demonstrates his ability to translate his research into real-world applications. His strong focus on application-driven R&D ensures that the product is not only innovative but also meets the needs of the market. Wolfgang’s skills, expertise, and leadership make him a key player in the success of Polariton.

Stephan Koch

Stephan Koch is Polariton Technologies’ Vice President of Marketing and Sales (VP M&S). With 30 years of experience in the semiconductor and test & measurement markets, Stephan is the leader and catalyst for sales, customer focused approaches, and the professionalization of the company. Prior to his time at Polariton, Stephan held key positions at Zurich Instruments, Philips Semiconductors, and NXP. Stephan’s desire for adventure led him to take the leap from an international organization to a smaller company with big potential. His experience in international business is pivotal for our culture-aware implementation of Polariton’s market strategies. Since joining in 2022, Stephan has been a driving force behind the company’s go-to-market strategy and supporting the development of the organization. He holds an MSc in Electrical Engineering, as well as an MBA degree from ETH Zurich.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Stephan is a passionate triathlete, who inspires his colleagues to give their best in both sport and work. Success story by Stephan: “I take pride by having been able to establish a customer centric sales process employing a world class CRM implementation that is guiding us through the working day.”

Stephan Koch


Jürg Leuthold

Juerg serves as the scientific advisor for Polariton, bringing extensive photonic expertise to guide the company’s endeavors. Since long-time involved with the “forbidden cookie of plasmonics”, his role involves offering valuable insights and advice based on his extensive network. While leading a research group at ETH Zurich, Juerg´s support is essential for the development of photonic competencies of Polariton and the entire central European ecosystem.

Hartmut Rudmann

Hartmut advises Polariton, leveraging his expertise in building up engineering teams and product development in a startup environment. With a successful track record at Heptagon, he supports Polariton’s R&D towards market-ready solutions. Hartmut’s international experience enhances Polariton’s global perspective, offering strategic insights for both technical and organizational aspects of product development. His role aims to ensure that innovations translate into feasible and marketable products.