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Swissphotonics PIC Convention

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“Guiding Light, Sharing Knowledge” is the motto for the first Swiss PIC Convention that Swissphotonics has scheduled this year. Hosted by Polariton Technologies we are nurturing networking between newcomers and experts in the diverse world of photonic integrated circuits (PICs).

The schedule includes workshops, talks and a lab tour of the premises in Adliswil. Experienced professionals can share the knowledge and help building the PIC ecosystem between Zurich and Lausanne and shining well into Europe and the world.

Where: Soodstrasse 52, Adliswil, Switzerland

When: 21 June 2024

An event hosted by Polariton Technologies

A detailed description of the timetable is posted below. 

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Speakers and time table

  • Cristina Benea

    Cristina is Assistant Professor at EPFL, leading the Hybrid Photonics Laboratory group. In her research, she aims to realize terahertz speeds by on-chip integration and photonic design. 

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  • Justus Bohn

    Dr. Justus Bohn is Application Engineer at COMSOL and will show us how optimized simulation workflows pave the way towards successful photonic chip fabrication with the aspired functionality.

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  • Jonathan Home

    Jonathan is Full Professor at ETH Zürich, leading the Institute for Quantum Electronics and serving as head of the Department of Physics. In his research, he focuses on quantum state engineering information processing with the goal of scaling up computing capabilities.

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  • Swissphotonics PIC Convention Remus Swissphotonics PIC Convention Remus

    Remus Nicolaescu

    Remus is the CEO and Managing Director of Pointcloud GmbH, where he employs his over 20 years experience in the technology sector to initiate disruptive innovation and drive them to realization.

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  • Swissphotonics PIC Convention Joaquin Swissphotonics PIC Convention Joaquin

    Joaquin Matres

    Joaquin blends hardware and software expertise for inventive solutions. He spearheaded transceiver development at Google X and nurtured teams at PsiQuantum. At Hewlett-Packard Labs, he contributed to optical switch advancements. With skills in system analysis and software development, Joaquin’s work is marked by prestigious fellowships and patents.

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  • Swissphotonics PIC Convention Chiara Swissphotonics PIC Convention Chiara

    Chiara Alessandri

    Dr. Chiara Alessandri, Product Marketing & Technical Sales Manager from Luceda Photonics demonstrates how a code-driven workflow facilitates tape-out. With her guidance many researchers and engineers have successfully realized their chip fabrication projects.

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  • Swissphotonics PIC Convention Anna Swissphotonics PIC Convention Anna

    Anna Tatarczak

    Anna is Senior Principal Scientist at Coherent Corp. and has extensive experience in optical systems design and short-reach optical communication.

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  • Swissphotonics PIC Convention Davide Swissphotonics PIC Convention Davide

    Davide Grassani

    Dr. Davide Grassani is Project Manager at CSEM. He has extensive expertise on academic and industrial projects. Learn about the importance of interfaces and co-design for a successful photonic device.

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  • Swissphotonics PIC Convention Johana Swissphotonics PIC Convention Johana

    Johana Bernasconi

    Johana is Lead Engineer at Enlightra, brings expertise in Optics and Photonics, supported by a Master of Science in Microengineering. She is interested in renewable energies and sustainable technologies. Johana also enjoys sharing her knowledge through teaching across different educational levels.

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  • Swissphotonics PIC Convention Bert Swissphotonics PIC Convention Bert

    Bert Offrein

    Bert is a Principal Research Scientist and Manager of Neuromorphic Devices and Systems Group at IBM. His group focuses on developing AI accelerators for analog synaptic signal processing towards high performance and power efficiency.

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    Stay tuned for abstracts and presentations of the talks.

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