Editor’s Pick: Plasmonic Modulators – A cost- and power-efficient solution for high-speed short-reach communications.

A new plasmonic dual-drive modulator enables cost- and power-efficient short-reach communications at highest speed. The plasmonic device allows for a 4-fold reach extension to distances beyond 10 km. The plasmonic transmitter is based on a simple and low-cost direct-detection/on-off-keying implementation with a single-wavelength data rate of 100 Gbit/s. Requiring no digital signal processing (DSP) in the transmitter, and by reducing the DSP-complexity in the receiver by a factor of >10, this technology becomes an attractive solution for intra-datacenter communication.

This collaboration of ETH Zürich and University of Washington was highlighted by the Editors of  Optics Express for its excellent scientific quality (Editor’s Pick). Thanks for the excellent teamwork Benedikt Bäuerle, Claudia Hössbacher, Wolfgang Heni, Yuriy Fedoryshyn, Ueli Koch, Arne Josen, Delwin Elder, Juerg Leuthold 

Baeuerle et al., “100 GBd IM/DD transmission over 14 km SMF in the C-band enabled by a plasmonic SSB MZM,” Opt. Express 28, 8601-8608 (2020)